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Monthly Cost Comparison National Average Analog Cable* National Average Digital Cable* Dish Network Top 60 DirecTV Total Choice Plus
Package Price $40.11 $51.42 $29.99 $33.99
Local Channels Included Included Included $5.00
Total Monthly Cost $40.11 $51.42 $29.99 $43.98

* Based upon Figures provided by FCC as of July 1, 2002. 


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Having sold both DISH Network and DirecTV, we'll tell you why we now offer DISH Network exclusively.

What's offered by what programming packages?

For years, DirecTV had the clear lead in the number of channels and number of specific types of programming specialties. That has changed recently. DISH Network today offers more channels overall, and almost as many specialty sports and movie offerings.

Winner-DISH Network


What are the pricing plans?

Hardware discounts favor DISH Network, however, DirecTV's purchase packages are today quite competitive with DISH Network's. Wise consumers need to ask, How Much, How (and When) Am I Paying for The Hardware, i.e., is it cash up-front, a "In Home Service Plan" models or "free" model because of poor or no credit?

Winner-DISH Network


What's your programming preference?


DISH Network offers its highly popular College Game-Day Plan and has several season-long pro sports packages. However, if you have to have every NFL game the choice as with the NFL Sunday Ticket DirecTV has it covered. Otherwise, the sports offerings are similar, focusing on multiregional collegiate sports packages, mostly from Fox. Again, consumers should focus on what they want to watch and what is typically offered by which packages, and for what prices.



Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer the same number of premium movie channels, such as Starz Encore, Showtime and HBO. Prices may differ slightly, depending upon the package in favor of DISH Network. DISH Network currently offers a promotion called DISH PAK, where 8 Starz/Encore channels are received at nearly half the regular price. The real difference here is in the number of Pay-Per-View (PPV) movie channels offered, where DISH Network has a slight advantage for the time being, with up to 60 PPV choices/day versus DirecTV's 55 channels.)

Winner-DISH Network


DISH Network, with 6 total "adult" channels, has the advantage here. DirecTV offers 5 "adult" channels.

Winner-DISH Network


DISH Network definitely has cornered the market here, offering today approximately 30 foreign language/culture channels. DirecTV offers 10, most of which focus on the Spanish language audience.

Winner-DISH Network

General Interest?

DISH Network's packages are amply described as offering favorable, "general interest" programming and continues to add more on a regular basis. Yet DirecTV also provides just about every channel DISH Network does, albeit sometimes in different packages and for different prices. Consumers need to decide what they can spend, what they want to watch, and which packages offer the best value based upon those criteria.

Winner-DISH Network

What's your monthly budget?

By our estimates, DISH Network today is charging about $45 per subscriber per month for programming delivered to their consumers nationwide. While DirecTV customers are claiming roughly a $51 on average per subscriber rate per month. Digital Cable subscribers pay the most for the least in programming at an average of $55 per month.

Winner-DISH Network

Score Card

DISH Network: 7   DirecTV: 1

Overall Winner - DISH Network!!


Get Complete Info Of Dish Network Free Satellite TV Offer From Idishnetwork( Highly Recommended )