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Dish Network

Echostar the Dish Network's partental company is celebrating their 25-year anniversary with the launch of a new brand and a new campaign – “Better TV for all.”

• Better TV – DISH Network has better picture quality, better customer service and a better price.
• For All – DISH Network has always provided all consumers with Better TV for the lowest possible price.

Our offers just keep getting better….. 

This programming offer works in conjunction with our Digital Home Advantage offer. Now, get all the benefits of the Digital Home Advantage with a great programming offer added on! 

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FREE 25 Movie Channels for 3 Months 
HBO, Showtime & Cinemax 

Over 200 Channels, including Local Channels 

Upgrade to pause, rewind and record Live TV programs 

If you deserve 100% Digital Quality picture with Theater-quality sound, award winning customer service, and option to upgrade to DVR ( Digital Video REcorder ) and HDTV ( High Definition TeleVision ) then Dish Network is your best Choice.

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Digital Home Advantage Plan
Something for everyone - TV for the Whole House with NO Equipment to buy!

No Equipment to buy
Starting at only $31.99/month
100% Digital Reception
Free DVR and HDTV Equipment options
Free Standrad installation (up to 4 TVs)
Free 18 months DISH Home Protection Plan

Easy and Simple... Pay a $49.99 Activiation Fee and get a $49.99 Credit on your first bill, making your Activation FREE! 



Get More.. Save More..

Free Standard Professional Installation
100% of digital delivery 100% of time
Upgrade to the Dish Home Protection Plan


Buy a 2-Receiver Dish 301 System for just $199 and receive 40 Monthly Credits of $5.00 each 


Buy a 1-Receiver Dish 301 system for just $149 and receive 30 Monthly Credits of $5.00 each. 

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Direct TV

Direct TV has been a leading satellite TV service provider in United States for over 15 years, with more than 50 million happy subscribers. Direct TV is the leader in providing HD packages, more specifically HD sports packages. Direct TV got more programming packages that will meet your taste whoever you be - a music lover, a movie watcher - Direct TV got a package for you. If you are interested in sports and don't want to miss anyone of the game then I bet you will love Direct TV, because they got wonderful packages for sports.


Check out the Direct TV packages right away...

Direct TV packages starts at $29.99 per month.

You have a option for FREE HD DVR upgrade right now.

Subscribe to Direct Tv's premier packages and get 5 months free access.
-That's a savings of over $756 and premier package got over 265 channels.

NFL Sunday ticket is only available on Direct TV.

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